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RoachFest 2024 OG

RoachFest 2024 Announces Full Agenda for Menlo Park & London Events

Due to feedback and popular demand from attendees for a larger conference, RoachFest 2024 is tripling down. We’ve expanded to three cities across two continents, and the agendas for Menlo Park and London have been unveiled: Speakers from Netflix, Riskified, Route, Superbet and more will headline Cockroach Labs’ popular database user conference series, sharing their tips, tricks, and success stories for providing always-on customer experiences.

David Weiss

May 21, 2024

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Introducing CockroachDB 24.1: Fully Managed, Enterprise Database Experience, Streamlined App Development, Even Better Resilience

It’s an always-on world: Today’s enterprises know better data management is key to staying connected to their customers, who expect their applications to work perfectly – every time.

David Weiss

May 21, 2024

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Admission Control in CockroachDB: How it protects against unexpected overload

Admission control is the system in CockroachDB that prioritizes work during different types of node overload. In a properly sized cluster, where the work does not exceed the resource capacity, all work proceeds uninterrupted and effectively receives equal priority.

jon st. jon

Jon St. John

May 14, 2024


Integrate CockroachDB with Confluent Cloud using Change Data Capture

CockroachDB v23.2 now seamlessly integrates with Confluent, using change data capture so users can connect the CRDB's distributed SQL capabilities with the real-time event streaming features of Confluent.

Abbey Russell

May 10, 2024



How to build a payments system that scales to infinity (with examples)

Everybody, from banking applications to retailers to SaaS applications, deals with payment processing. But architecting a system that can deal with payments at scale is challenging.


Charlie Custer

May 8, 2024

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From Resilience to Scale: 12 Mission-Critical Use Cases Backed by CockroachDB

If you’ve paid a bill online, ordered an item from your favorite ecommerce site, or navigated a series of security steps to verify your identity, then you’ve interacted with the types of services powered by CockroachDB. Let's discuss 12 common use cases for CockroachDB.

Cassie McAllister

Cassie McAllister

May 7, 2024


Scale & Resilience

Horizontal scaling - and why I’m grateful for CockroachDB

I’ve long extolled the benefits of CockroachDB and its ability to horizontally scale for reads and writes. I’ll frequently contrast it with databases that require their users to manually shard in order to achieve scale. To avoid being disingenuous, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and give it a go myself.

Rob Reid headshot

Rob Reid

May 2, 2024



Metadata management reference architecture: A quick guide with diagrams

Metadata management is a critical part of any business application. Let’s take a quick look at what metadata is, why it’s important, and how you can architect your application to ensure highly available, consistent metadata at scale.


Charlie Custer

Apr 30, 2024



Netflix, Riskified Headline CockroachDB’s RoachFest 2024

Netflix and other innovators are headlining RoachFest 2024, the event series from distributed SQL database CockroachDB. Attend in Menlo Park, London and NYC.

David Weiss

Apr 24, 2024



The limitations of PostgreSQL in financial services

PostgreSQL has more than 35 years of active development under its belt making it one of the most powerful and reliable relational database management systems (RDBMS). Even today it’s the fourth most popular database in the world, backed by a global community of dedicated supporters. It’s a good fit for business critical workloads because PostgreSQL delivers a highly stable foundation and is ACID compliant. This is also why it’s often used in financial services and for use cases that handle money.

Cassie McAllister

Cassie McAllister

Apr 23, 2024

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